I’m Happy That The Government Has Taken A Keen Interest To Reunite Geeta With Her Family In India : Salman Khan

I’m Happy That The Government Has Taken A Keen Interest To Reunite Geeta With Her Family In India : Salman Khan

Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan who was last seen on big screens on ‘Bajrangi  Bhaijaan’, is well know all over not just for his powerful performances, but also for his kind and helping nature.

Post his film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s release, there has been news all across about a real life story very similar to the character of ‘Munni’ played by Harshali Malhotra in the film.

One did get to see Munni get stranded in India from Pakistan, the same way in real life a Indian girl is been stranded in Pakistan, after she accidently crossed  the border when she was too young. And now it’s been almost 15 years that she is been in Pakistan and is been looked after by a Pakistani family over there.

But, the news came open in day light only after ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s release.

Salman, who has been keeping his eye on the same case ever since he  came to know about the same, in a press meet  following his  film’s success spoke about the same.

As he said,  “We must thank the Pakistani NGO and her foster parents over there for looking after her for almost 15 years. We should indeed respect the fact that they have kept an Indian girl over there and looked after her so long.”

“I think it’s time that we should find her real parents, and we must try to make her life much better here, once she is in India, compared to the way she has been living for past so many years over there. I think that the Indian Government is looking into it and I do feel that they are very competent people and should take this to the end result, and if Geeta agrees, and the Government finds her real parents then  they should follow the rest procedures soon.”

“If the Government had not taken over the issue of Geeta’s case, we would definitely looked after it, but for us to find out who her real parents are, would have been extremely difficult compared to the Government, and what would happen if  she is handed over to wrong parents? Or if she is not happy with her parents? Are some of the big questions which aren’t easy to solve. So as if now I’m  happy that the Government are looking after this issue, and I’m quite sure that Government from both India and Pakistan will do great job.” added the superstar.

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