Indian Cinema Right Now Is At Its Best Phase: Rajkummar Hirani

Indian Cinema Right Now Is At Its Best Phase: Rajkummar Hirani

National Award Winning filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani with his directorial work has given some of the biggest blockbuster hits  in Indian Cinema in form of ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’, ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘PK’.

The versatile filmmaker who was all present yesterday at a suburban multiplex in Mumbai following the ongoing ‘Jagran Film Festival’.

The filmmaker in his interaction with media stated that he is indeed very excited with the film festival which showcases various films not just from India, but also from abroad.

As he said, “There is a kind of cinema which need a reach to the people, and more the film festivals much the better. I’m happy that Jagran has taken the initiative, and they do it in as many cities possible. Which itself is a fantastic initiative.”

“Film festivals in India really has to struggle a lot. In terms of Finances and in terms of getting good films. So I do think that getting good films is not an easy job, it’s indeed a huge struggle. To get films which people have not seen, and to showcase at various film festivals is lot of hardwork. So I do hope more and more people attend film festivals and support the same. Film festivals does come handy for all those films which don’t find a release or audience.” added Hirani.

Talking about the reach of Indian cinema globally, Rajkumar said, “Indian cinemas is at its best phase. The kind of cinema which is coming from India these days are very unique and different. From big mainstream commercial cinema to smaller cinemas which are more idea based. All kinds of cinemas are happening these days in Indian film industry which itself is a huge change in the industry compared to what it was 15 years back.”

From work front, Rajkumar is all busy these days following the scripts of a biopic based on life of his actor and friend Sanjay Dutt, and with a script on latest installment for ‘Munnabhai’ series.