Indian Directors talk about their films chosen for the Indian Panorama at IFFI 2017

Indian Directors talk about their films chosen for the Indian Panorama at IFFI 2017

It was an inspiring start to Day 5 at IFFI 2017 as filmmakers Bidyut Kotoky, Manouj Kadaamh,Miransha Naik and Rajesh Mapuskar spoke about their films Xhoixoboite Dhemalite (Assamese), Kshitij: A Horizon (Marathi),Juje (Konkani) and Ventilator (Marathi) respectively at the press conference.

Assamese feature film ‘Xhoixoboite Dhemalite’ (Rainbow Fields) has earned the Best Foreign Film Award at the Hollywood International Cine Fest 2017.This film is about children growing up in violent places, witnessing brutality around them and how it affects them deeply, leaving an indelible mark on their growth.

Said filmmaker Bidyut Kotoky,” This film was important for me to make because the subject stayed with me for so long. It is semi-autobiographical. I don’t expect the film to change anything but I also know that if you don’t ask questions, nothing will change. I’m so happy to announce that Xhoixoboite Dhemalite will now release in Assam”.

Kshitij is the story of a 12 year old girl struggle to continue her education in the face of severe adversity.Talking about his attempt with the film said director Manouj Kadaamh, “In my film the little girl doesn’t want to just study but wants to bring a change. Cinema mirrors society and I’m hoping my film speaks to society. A lot of our little girls are not saved and if they are saved they don’t have the opportunities to education. This is my small attempt to bring that change”.

Juje, follows the story of a terrifying landlord in a small Goan village who drives Santosh, a stubborn teenager on his path to self-discovery; to make a brave and difficult choice. Director Miransha Naik Said, “Making this film for me was not about giving a message or making a statement. To me film making is about telling an engaging story and that’s what I attempted with this film”.

Ventilator is a 2016 Indian Marathi language comedy-drama film written and directed by Rajesh Mapuskar and produced by Priyanka Chopra. Mapuskar conceived the film after one of his family members was hospitalized and put on a ventilator; he started writing the script after noting the reaction of his family members, trying to treat the difficult situation with humor.

Rajesh Mapuskar said, “Right from the time we are born, we are born into relationships. Each relationship has a different dynamic and I wanted to look at these dynamics from a different perspective with Ventilator”.

The 48th Edition of IFFI is being held from the 20th to 28th of November, 2017 in the beach state of Goa.