It hurts if you don’t have the biggest hit of the year says Shahrukh Khan

It hurts if you don’t have the biggest hit of the year says Shahrukh Khan

The king khan of Bollywood is very busy promoting his upcoming home production film “Dilwale” starring him and Kajol after 5 years together. The film will be releasing with Sanjay Leela Bhansali film “Bajirao Mastani”. Shahrukh Khan have said quite a few times that the business of both the film will get affected due to same day release.

In the interview for the film Shahrukh Khan when asked about superstar stardom he said, “I think one reason in every superstar has superstar director working with him and they make superstar films. So like I have Karan Johar, aditya Chopra working with me. They make same kind of big films. Finally every one wants to make big films. Anurag Kashyap who made niche films made a big film Bombay velvet. I think superstar does not have any choice. In Hollywood there is no such demarcation of niche and popular films. An actor can do an Iron man and other films as well and people will not say that it did not worked as good as Iron man. They will still appreciate it and get an Oscar. Here Superstar get use to the business even before you know it. I lose out on many films due to commitment issue.”

Further on the box office Shahrukh Khan confess that, “Every actor wants to do different films and be remembered. But if you are superstar you can’t make too different films you have to keep the balance. If you are superstar and you don’t have the biggest hit of the year it hurts. I being honest I would like to have the biggest hit of the year. When the whole world supposedly loves me then I should have the biggest hit also. But it does not mean that I should sell my soul to that. I am doing off beat as well. That mix you have to maintain.”

Directed By Rohit Shetty Dilwale will also see Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in a pivotal role.

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