It is essential to promote, grow and develop the sport from a 360 angle point of view says Ranveer Singh

It is essential to promote, grow and develop the sport from a 360 angle point of view says Ranveer Singh

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Ranveer Singh says it is essential to promote, grow and develop the sport from a 360 angle point of view.

He was speaking at the event on Friday in Mumbai where he was announced as brand ambassador of Premiere League in India.

Talking about encouraging football as a sport in India, Ranveer said, “In the morning, I interacted with football playing kids at St.Andrews school’s playground and there you sort of saw the vision actually transpiring. At its very core, you want young people engaging with football across the world and football that being the beautiful sport which binds the world together, transcends boundaries, culture. It is the language that people speak across the world. There are so many football fans in India in this generation because they have access to that so it is essential to promote, grow and develop the sport from a 360 angle point of view. The more the sports grows, everything within that eco-system will grow. I feel kids must be encouraged and shown the way. Give them a ball. Let them kicking around and dribble and let them feel that emotion and let them be ultimate admirer of this most sacred and beautiful sport”

Talking about his stint as brand ambassador of Premiere League in India, Ranveer said, “It is matter of great honor and huge privilege to be the brand ambassador of Premiere League which I genuinely believe the best league in the world. I have been into Premiere League since last 17-18 years. After becoming the ambassador, I feel now I have role in growing and developing promoting sports culture in India so I am thoroughly enjoying it as I get to watch matches, to be part of these wonderful initiatives and to meet football legends so it’s real treat and it’s surreal. My twitter bio says ‘Living The Dream’ and it feels exactly like that”

When asked Ranveer is there any banter in Bollywood stars when it comes to watching football Premiere League matches, he said, “There is banter for sure. Banter is one of my favorite things. I am a big trash talker and sometimes even in formal sort of engagement now and then, I am not able to control my verbal Diarrhea. I am huge Arsenal fan.  Abhishek Bachchan is Chelsea fan and Arjun Kapoor is also big Chelsea fan so, we go back and forth bantering each other”

Talking about phenomenal success of his last released film ‘Padmaavat’ Ranveer said, “It’s doing something I have never been imagined. It’s one of those rare films that sort of encompasses everything be it critical acclaim or commercial success or love of the audience. The way audience has reacted to the film, it one of those films for the ages. It is the one that will be remembered for longest time and those are the films that you really want to be part of. Films come and films go but the one that really matters which are remembered. You can watch it 10-15 years down the line and still appreciated as it has that timeless quality so those are ones who you want most in your filmography and I can say that Padmaavat seeming to me like one of those”

When asked Ranveer why Arsenal is his favorite team from Premiere League, he said, “Once I started watching Premiere League, I was instantly hooked and at the time, it just so happened that Arsenal (Football team) was going through the purple patch, that squad was playing three dimensional, never been witnessed kind of football so I used to be like,look at this team and how they play game. They play game in a principled way the way football should be played, playing it well, winning it and making it look damn good that’s why Arsenal has been my favorite team in Premiere League”

Ranveer has extremely interesting lineup for the release which includes Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boy’, Rohit Shetty’s ‘Simmba’ and Kabir Khan’s ‘1983’.

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