‘Kaashi in search of Ganga’ is a thriller with many layers: Sharman Joshi

‘Kaashi in search of Ganga’ is a thriller with many layers: Sharman Joshi

Sharman Joshi who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, ‘ Kaashi in search of Ganga ‘ said the film is a thriller with many layers

Sharman interacted with media when spotted in Mumbai walking through the streets carrying a Lost poster of a women named Ganga.

Talking about the film’s story and their promotion he said, “This promotion is for my upcoming film Kaashi in which my sister Ganga has gone missing. My character in the film is Kaashi who travels around looking for his sister and while doing that he comes across many secrets and mysteries. Whether he solves the mysteries and finds his sister is the story of the film.  This is a thriller and it’s not easy to explain about a thriller film because it has a lot of layers.

The actor also revealed the film has a UP dialect and proved to be a challenge for him, ” After a long time I found a interesting script. I even had to prepare for the film, this is the first time I am playing the character for a Domb and I didnt know much about them so I also spent some time in Banaras and learnt about them and the dialect. The experience was exciting and also a little challenging for me.”

The film stars Sharman Joshi and Aishwarya Devan as Kaashi and Ganga the lead siblings along side, Govind Namdev, Akhilendra Mishra, Manoj Joshi and many more.

Asked when will the audience get the film’s first glimpse joshi said the film’s trailer will be out in 2 days. “The film’s trailer will come out day after tomorrow and as and when we promote the film more you will find out more about the film and our characters. The film will release on 26th October.”

Directed by Dhiraj Kumar and written by Manish Kishore the film will release on 26th October.

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