Kabir Khan Hot exchange with Journalist

Kabir Khan Hot exchange with Journalist

Director Kabir Khan got into a heated argument with a journalist during the trailer launch of his upcoming movie, Phantom.

“Phantom” stars Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif, which is based on terrorism, saw its trailer launch on weekend.

Present during the Trailer launch Kabir Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala, Saif Ali and Katrina Kaif! During the media interaction, director Kabir Khan said, “that friendship amongst people can’t take place if there are such extremist elements in either nation” which offended some of the journalist.

Journalist demanded explanation of the statement, which spiraled out of control, Kabir Khan didn’t like the way he was question. What followed was absolute chaos! Shouting, screaming and heated argument were exchanged.

Presenter and other people had to interfere to “issue” was sorted.

“First don’t talk to me like that. This is something that I don’t appreciate. Come over here instead and let me have a look at your face and then have a normal conversation. Don’t get into all these talks,” said Kabir Khan during the event.

“If you are yelling, screaming, then I’m not going to get into this discussion” he further said.

The director, nonetheless calmed down and said, “I’m ready to talk to you provided you make this discourse a little more civil. Why are you yelling like that. Cool down and have some water”.

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