Kalki Slams The Indian Media

Kalki Slams The Indian Media

Kalki Koechlin performs a self written poem titled ‘The Printing Machine’: a rhythmic and scathing satire against daily broadsheets, magazines, social media and textbooks.

Many celebs have spoken about the portrayal of women in media, and how it capitalizes on attention grabbing and juicy headlines, often ignoring what is important.​

Stirring invective against a culture that maybe going morally numb, one newspaper edition at a time!  “Chrr tak tak taka daka tak chree… goes the steady printing machine,” begins actor Kalki Koechlin in a video that’s quickly taking social media by storm.

This powerful piece with its rising crescendo reveals the hollow and robotic production and consumption of news by a generation blinded by its vulgar hunger for juicy headlines. With women’s empowerment at the core, she alludes to events that shook the nation, and also to those that were equally gruesome but got replaced by beauty advertisements and our apathy.

The five-minute long video shows Kalki narrating a self-written poem titled ‘The Printing Machine’ in association with the women’s lifestyle Youtube channel of Culture Machine – Blush. The video is part of their #Unblushed series which earlier featured actors like Nimrat Kaur and Sayani Gupta.

Unblushed is proud to associate with Kalki, who has always been a sharp and insightful writer, as we visualise her poetry.

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