Kanika Kapoor is all set to launch her first single!

Kanika Kapoor is all set to launch her first single!

After giving back to back super hit songs in Bollywood films, Kanika Kapoor is all set to release her first single. But what’s interesting is that it not going to be the regular run of the mill song. The song called ‘Teddy Bear’ will bring alive the essence of the book The Big Indian Wedding by Sakshi Salve (Daughter of lawyer Harish Salve).

Through the peppy, foot tapping song, Kanika accentuates the book’s anecdotes and the larger-than-life, life styles mentioned in it. Salve and Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati will also be seen in the video along with Kanika Kapoor as the bride and the groom. Insiders who have heard the song claim that the song will stand true to Kanika’s hit record and fun that Big Indian Weddings stand for.

“This song is a unique idea of bringing a book alive through a song and video. It will be a pleasant surprise for all my fans and I hope that they like and love it as much as they have loved my previous songs,” says Kanika Kapoor.

The book is an ultimate compendium to the Indian marriage adventure, melded with quirky illustrations and my own imagination,” says Sakshi Salve.

Never before in the history of music and publishing has this ever occurred- a book and song tie up. The Big Indian Wedding presents the larger than life, outlandish and high-octane world of Indian weddings. And as we know, a big Indian wedding is not complete without a super hit wedding song that makes people dance until the wee hours of the morning.

The Big Indian Wedding would be incomplete without the “teddy bear song” music video as it brings to life, the madness of the book in typical Kanika Kapoor style. This wedding season is going to be all about the big Indian weddings going nuts on the Teddy Bear song.

Kanika and Sakshi decided to collaborate a year ago, when the book was still being written. They wanted to do something that no one has ever done before. Merge the world of books and music to create the new trend of “book-music”.

Kanika’s latest single will be unveiled for the first time on 16th Sept 2015 at the Book Launch of The Big Indian Wedding in Mumbai. It will be the first time that a song is being launched in this unique manner.