Karan Mehra enjoys being a director

Karan Mehra enjoys being a director

Apart from being a successful actor and one of the most popular faces in the television scene, Karan Mehra is multi talented and recently directed one more music video for wife Nisha Rawal, who initiated a fund raising activity for unprivileged kids on the occasion of Children’s Day.

This time Nisha has sung a cover of  A. R. Rehman’s composition ‘Dil Hai Chota Sa’.

The Karan Mehra directorial video also has Terence Lewis, making a guest appearance to support his friends in the noble cause.

It features kids from Vatsalya Foundation (the NGO for which the fund raising activity was initiated), having a blast with Nisha.

The video has been very well shot and seems like an honest attempt to capture the innocence of the kids along with Nisha’s playful presence.

When Karan came to Mumbai from Delhi about a decade ago he started off with assisting many well-known directors like Rajkumar Hirani and Ram Gopal Verma.

Direction has always been one of his interests and the actor is glad to have gotten back to it. Talking about being a director, Karan Mehra said, “I really enjoy the process of film making, be it as an actor or director. Being a director certainly adds a whole new dimension to your perception. I truly love the idea of having so much creative liberty to go about things when we are making these music videos. The response has been very encouraging, so far.”

Karan’s directorial skills are definitely getting better with every video. Nisha’s singing career has also encouraged Karan to take up direction once again.

Here’s looking forward for more of such good work from the power-packed couple!

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