Karan Singh Grover steams it up with Pooja Gupta

Karan Singh Grover steams it up with Pooja Gupta

Director Vishal Pandya wraps up his Hate Story 3 with a racy number starring the two actors TV heart throb Karan Singh Grover and Faltu famed actress Pooja Gupta.

It was a wrap up for Hate Story 3 as director Vishal Pandya shot the last number for his erotic thriller.

Vishal, who had kicked off the film starring Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah, last month with a courtroom sequence, wrapped up the film with a racy song shot at a Bandra nightclub.

The song, “Neende Ud Jaati Hai” features Karan and  Pooja Gupta, who is making a special appearance.

The catchy track has been composed by the Meet Bros.

Vishal shares, “The song is the highlight of the film and adds that the sequence has Karan doing something “really bad”, and then hitting the club, where he spots Pooja and starts dancing with her.”

He further says, “The unit created a set within the set, with a new lounge inside the existing one, and added red and green lights to complement the song’s mood. Like the song “Pink Lips” starring Sunny Leone in Hate Story 2, “Neend Ud Jaati Hai” is the highlight of Hate Story 3.”

Talking about Karan’s role, Vishal says that his character evokes love and hatred!

“Throughout the film, you love and hate Karan. His character is 50 shades of grey,” laughs Vishal.

Interestingly, the director had warned his cast to not prepare for their roles before coming to the set. “When an actor gets a brief, he pictures himself doing things in a certain way.

“Luckily with Karan, he came with an empty mind, which I could mould the way I wanted to,” Vishal adds.

Produced by T-Series, Hate Story 3 is slated to release on 4th December.

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