Katrina Kaif the Ninja?

Katrina Kaif the Ninja?

The budding actor of Bollywood Aditya Roy Kapoor who gave hit like “Ashiqui 2” with Shraddha Kapoor is all set to turn crazy lover in the upcoming film Fitoor. Aditya admitted that he was in awe of the actress Katrina Kaif and because of her he said yes to the film. The budding actor has kept the name of the beautiful Katrina Kaif “Ninja”.

In the interview for the film Fitoor Aditya Roy Kapoor said, “I call her Ninja because the way her brain works it reaches the next level. We both are in the industry for quite some time but she has done way more films than me. She got a lot of experience in the films. So she does not react impulsively. On the sets lot of time unplanned things happened and I react to it emotionally or impulsively but she used to be always calm and never react in such situations.”

Whereas Katrina Kaif thinks Aditya is very innocent.

“Adi is very child like. He is very innocent. He is very sweet. The emotion of character Noor is very similar to Adi. We had a same friend circle but I did not know about his work as the film is big and the character was intense and a very strong character. The first shot we took each other I was taken by his intensity. From that moment I knew that the actor opposite me got the talent, desire to make this film good as we want to make.” added Kaif.

Aditya Roy Kapoor will be seen as a crazy in love man in Abhishek Kapoor’s Fitoor which is based on Charles Dicken’ novel The great expectation. Katrina Kaif and Tabu will be seen in pivotal role. The film is slated to release on 12th February.

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