Left A R Rehman Robot movie song for lyrics says Sonu Nigam

Left A R Rehman Robot movie song for lyrics says Sonu Nigam

Bollywood music industry having an up and down where sleazy lyrical songs are imposed in a movie and singer are left with no choice but to sing such song. Many singer who an image to follow quit such song. Bollywood famous playback singer Sonu Nigam is one of the name who left many song due to its bad lyrics.

In an interview for his latest release “Aa bhi jaa tu kahin se” with T- series Singer Sonu Nigam said, “Lyrics are very important. I have left so many song due to lyrics. I have left A R Rehman Robot song and I told him you have just won Oscar and BAFTA why you are making such song. Well I did not sing but the song was kept in the film and finally sung by Mohit Chauhan.”

“I have received so much love then why to spoil by singing such song. I will not sing such songs.” Added Sonu Nigam

Talking further singing less song in film he said ” I don’t know which song will get dubbed so I have stopped singing for films. I think I have sung enough in movies and now I don’t run to get songs because what is destined it will happen.”

After almost 10 year Sonu Nigam came up with the single “Aa bhi jaa tu kahin se” featuring Sonu Nigam with Amyra Dastur.