Madhur Bhandarkar Reveals Why he chose to make Calendar Girls

Madhur Bhandarkar Reveals Why he chose to make Calendar Girls

Film-maker Madhur Bhandarkar is known to make realistic films. His next film releasing on September 25, 2015, ‘Calendar Girls’ takes us through the journey of 5 Calendar Models. But what urged him to make this film? The award-winning director reveals how he came across the idea in his personal blog Here’s what he writes:


I’ve made films like Page 3, Fashion & Heroine in the past and I have been repeatedly questioned about my obsession with stories from the glamour world.

It was in early 2014, when I was debating with myself on what my next film should be, when, one day, my office boy who was cleaning the room, picked up some old calendars and asked me what he should do with them. I asked him to take them away, since they served no purpose anymore. But instead, he ended up keeping them in some corner of the same room. The following day, I noticed the calendars and I found myself picking them up and started going through them. From the time I have known Mr. Vijay Mallya, he has always been kind enough to send across his prestigious calendar every single year. All the calendars had gorgeously photographed models at exotic locations. Their names appeared at the bottom corners of the pages. Despite that, these girls were on their way out from our offices and homes. Their stardom had expired! I sat back and began wondering: I must have met some of these girls at parties or social functions, but except for very few names who have become successful, and who are clearly in a microscopic minority, I never heard of anyone becoming a star. Forget films, 99 percent of them didn’t even make news in any other field of life. The big question then was: where do the majority of these girls go? What happens to them once their stardom, which is strictly for a year, expires? The seed for a film was well and truly, sowed.

As the research began, I started meeting several girls who had posed for calendars in the past, and also lots and lots of people from the High Society of Mumbai and Delhi. In the course of my interactions, I realised that while some were forthcoming, there were many others who were hesitant to share any information. I’m not one to give up, I probed further and what came my way were some shocking truths! My resolve to make Calendar Girls was only getting stronger. What was also becoming increasingly clear, was that I would do justice to the world of Calendar

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