Mahesh Bhatt and Richa Chadda launch Shashi Ranjan’s “Ticket 2”

Mahesh Bhatt and Richa Chadda launch Shashi Ranjan’s “Ticket 2”

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Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and actress Richa Chadda launched Shashi Ranjan’s ‘Ticket 2’ website on Tuesday in Mumbai. ‘Ticket 2’ is an organized marketplace connecting TALENT – AUDITION – OPPORTUNITIES in the Entertainment Industry.

Here’s what Mahesh Bhatt and Richa Chadda said at the launch of website.

Mahesh Bhatt – The thirst to be a part of an entertainment industry has never been as intense as it is now and I think what Shashi (Rajnan) has managed to do with his bright team is to reduce that bridge between the industry and the talent. We as industry insiders are always looking for a new voice or a news face and the outsiders are all the time imagining that the film, television industry is kinds of fortress where you can’t break through so there are these two needs which are isolated. I am looking for that new face and aspiring actors are looking for opportunities but somehow there is no link to it. Earlier times we used to accessible but now with the kind of pace of life and corporatization, gone are those when Anpuam Kher would come in your door for work and I would cast him for ‘Saaransh’ and same implied to Kangana Ranaut and Dino Morea who came to me for work and I gave them ‘Gangster’ and ‘Raaz’ respectively so those days are now a thing of the past.”

“Filmmaker will still cast people on their guts but what Shashi is doing is really significant. I think when need meets greed you have brilliant industry which flourishes. Whenever there is money, power and glamour, there is always misuse and I think e have been hearing stories how vulnerable boys and girls are used by people who claim to be insiders under our name so I think being a insider Shashi will play an important role so I think it’s an important platform that has been made available”

Richa Chadda – In my earlier days of struggle, I have gone through numerous auditions, it’s a very long and heartbreaking process. I am here in the industry because of an audition as my parents live in Delhi. I think anything that is disruptive business off late has done well whether it’s Uber, Zomato or Swiggy. Now there are so much options, things that are narrow your choices down and help you decide the future and future is of disruptive business. It could remove lot of shaddy and management kind of people who refuse the access to actors as well as some middle men like casting directors who misuse sometimes their power or play favorites. Something like this has been existing in the West and doing really well so for that I don’t need to wish them any luck as I am confident that it will do really well. I wish something like this existed when I moved to Mumbai and went to various production houses for an audition nevertheless, I am hoping that people will use maximum use of this opportunity.”

Apart from Mahesh Bhatt and Richa Chadda, Colors CEO, Raj Nayak Ramesh Taurani and Varun Sharma were present at “Ticket 2” website launch.

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