Mahira gets married to Azaad

Mahira gets married to Azaad

Zee tv’s popular show, ‘Qubool Hai’ is definitely becoming very interesting these days as the current track is getting excited day by day.

Mahira who is sad that she is forcefully getting married to Amaad is seen nervously waiting for her husband at the wedding night,

But she will actually get the shock of her life when she sees Azaad whom she actually loves.

Finally the two love birds unite.

But wait a minute.

It’s not going to be that easy.

But Why?

Read on..

A source from the show revealed, “Mahira will get the shock of her life when she finds out that she is married to Azaad, the man she actually loves. But, this dream moment of her’s will not last long as the second wife will step in dramatically claiming to be Azaad’s first wife!”

And after knowing this revelation, a shattered Mahira will leave the house.

Wondering who Azaad’s first wife is?

Its Afreen..

Yes, the same girl, whom both the brothers Azaad and Amaad were once in love with.

Afreen is a demon who possesses supernatural powers.

The same source also informed, “Afreen, whose ultimate aim is to get Azaad will ploy in a certain way to ensure that Khan Begum is left helpless and powerless”.

But what will she plan?

What is her hidden motive?

Does she really love Azaad?

Where will Azaad-Mahira’s love story lead?

Stay tuned for more updates.