Milind Soman- The true Indian Ironman

Milind Soman- The true Indian Ironman

Most people enjoy a break from work or some exotic holidays, when they turn 50, but Super Model turn actor, Milind Soman stormed the Ironman Triathlon competition and completed in well within tough timeline.

Iron Man Triathlon- The race comprises of a 3.8-km swim, 180.2-km bicycle and a 42.2-km run all of which must be completed within 17 hours, it is the ultimate test of human endurance and sheer will power.

Milind completed the race well within 15 hours 19 minutes, which is a remarkable achievement.

Milind has been training, swimming and cycling and working hard to compete in Ironman, looks like his hard work has paid off!

“One Ironman – Done! Beautiful experience, finished in 15hrs.19min thank you for all your good wishes people, your love makes a difference!!! Thank you ‪#‎Merida thankyou ‪#‎Tomtom ‪#‎50thYear ‪#‎NewJourney ‪#‎Commit‪#‎BecauseWeCan ‪#‎Live2Inspire” wrote Milind.

He wasn’t the only Indian competing in the race, there were 11 others who competed. But Milind was definitely one of those who kept everyone abreast of his training! He’s been sharing pictures and updates on FB and Twitter all of last year!

Here to healthy living and true inspiration, Milind Soman, good job!

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