Mira Rajput Kapoor finally talks about having her second baby

Mira Rajput Kapoor finally talks about having her second baby

Shahid, Mira and their little princess Misha are in news every now and then. This adorable family gives us family goals every single time they step out together. Mira coming from a non-Bollywood has created a special place for herself in the industry in a short span. She has perfectly understood how life of a star wife works and has been a great example for everyone.

Recently at an event, Mira talked about her career goals and her second baby. And yes, Mira and Shahid are planning for their second child. For all those who have been keen to know if Mira will be working anytime soon, yes, Mira wants to work. She said, “Yes, I would love to work, especially in a field that is creatively stimulating, but also allows me time with family. Perhaps something with food, or lifestyle.”

However, sadly, she won’t be seen in movies. Mira clearly stated that she is not interested to do any movies. She was asked when she will step into her career phase. She said that she will be doing that after her second baby. Mira said, “No, because I am going to have another baby, and then decide.”

Well, okay! We are happy to hear this. Meanwhile we are thinking what Shahid and Mira will name their second child.

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