My Role in “Badla” is at Par With Biggest Star Amitabh Bachchan Says Taapsee Pannu

My Role in “Badla” is at Par With Biggest Star Amitabh Bachchan Says Taapsee Pannu

Talented power house performer Taapsee Pannu says her role in forthcoming suspense thriller Badla is at par with biggest star in industry Amitabh Bachchan and that is one step close to equality for her.

Taapsee was interacting with the media when she launched a book titled Unread, an anthology of unpublished works by 100 Hindi and English poets, on Saturday here.

Talking about feminism, equality and empowerment during the book launch interaction, Taapsee said, “When people ask me about women’s day, whether we should have it or not, I usually reply is why not? We should celebrate women every day, but we have long way to reach there, until then let’s celebrate the women’s day because I feel on this particular day I can think of taking that one step that will help us move towards equality, this year I am doing that with my film, Badla, where my part is at par with one of the biggest actors we’ve had in the film industry ever, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. I think it s huge step towards equality, where a woman can share equal screen space with a man like him”

Taapsee Pannu also added that she is the flag barrier of all thing empowering. She added, “I’ve become an unsaid flag barrier of empowerment. It is strange though, it is 2019 and we’re still talking about equality, it is extremely sad, but yes, it is the need of the hour. We cannot really run away from it, a lot has been said so much so that people have started rolling their eyes now when you talk about women empowerment, because of a lot of wrong definitions and lot has been misconstrued when it comes to women empowerment and feminism”

“I am not here to say that give me extra, or I need extra, give me special importance, give me equal importance. Don’t shun me away because I am a female, rest I will achieve myself with my talent. I don’t need any extra push. Give me an equal platform and that is for me is empowerment or feminism about”

Further, Taapsee added she is attracted to empowering parts and roles though it not conscious. She said, “With my films, I don’t consciously keep the idea of women empowerment or feminism but because I am the kind of person I am, I eventually get attracted to towards these kinds of roles, and these kinds of films. And every character of mine has a common thread between me and that character and remaining I build upon it”

On the work front, Taapsee Pannu is currently busy with Badla and Saand Ki Aankh.

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