Nana Patekar unveils “An Eternal Hero: Ram” book

Nana Patekar unveils “An Eternal Hero: Ram” book

Veteran Actor Nana Patekar unveiled the second book from renowned writer Mamta Bhatt, “An Eternal Hero: Ram” yesterday here in Mumbai.

Written and published by Mamta Bhatt, An Eternal Hero- Ram is written for children of age-group 10 onwards. The story is an authentic retelling of the Ramayan. The storyline is altered keeping the target age group’s interest and understanding in mind.

“I haven’t read the book. So I can’t comment on it but congratulations you have written a book for kids. You have made it easy for kids to understand this story. I am sure they will be able to read and understand it now,” says Nana Patekar.

During the event, Mamta Bhatt and Happy Lucky entertainment handed over a cheque of “10 Lakh” to Nana Patekar to help troubled farmers in Maharashtra.

“She gave me 10 lakh’s cheques for “Naam foundation” to help farmers. So thank you. It is our movement, not my movement. It’s commendable effort that you are lending a helping hand,” says Nana Patekar.

“I hail from Uttrakhand and belong to farmer’s family. I have strong connection with farmers,” says Mamta Bhatt.

Author Mamta Bhatt of the book “Warriors of kurukshetra” is back, with her second book “An Eternal Hero – Ram”. The second offering from the author too, is keeping in mind young readers of the age group of 9- 14 years.

The Occasion began with a Ghazal Night by Anup Jalota and Suresh Wadkar.