Nana Patekar’s Mother Nirmala Passed Away

Nana Patekar’s Mother Nirmala Passed Away

Tragedy has struck Nana Patekar once again, his mother Nirmala passed away today morning in Mumbai. She was 99 years old. Her demise happened due to old age.

As per latest report, senior actor’s mother was having memory issues of late but she could identify family members. A number of celebrities from the Marathi and Hindi film industry went to the actor’s residence to offer their condolences.

The actor was extremely attached to his mother. He lived in a simple flat with her after donating most of his money to charity. Nana was seen at the Oshiwara crematorium along with his son, Malhar. The body was brought in an ambulance. Nana’s father passed away when he was just 28.

Nana Patkar’s mother’s last rites were performed at 5:30 pm at Oshiwara crematorium. Nana Patekar and his closest family members were present to pay their last respects. The actor couldn’t stop his tears at the last rites.

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