National Gallery of Modern Art Celebrates “Women’s Day”

National Gallery of Modern Art Celebrates “Women’s Day”

Director General Adwaita Gadanayak  and his team at NGMA Delhi,the  Ministry of Culture and Stabdhika  celebrated Women’s Day with sensitivity and verve. A small but comprehensive exhibition was conceptualized at the small hall with works of 70  women artists including Anjolie Ela Menon, Arpana Caur, Kristine Michael and Rachna Parasher.

The evening began with a panel discussion consisting of artists Anjolie Ela Menon, Arpana Caur, Shobha Broota, Kristine Michael and Rachna Parasher along with art critic and curator Uma Nair as well as art critic Uma Prakash.

The DG Adwaita Gadanayak presented all the panelists with wooden sculptures created by the NGMA team . The members of Stabdhika presented the panelists with plants in special pots and also with beautiful dupattas.

In the panel discussion Anjolie Ela Menon spoke of a life of working and creating works with passion. Critic Uma Nair spoke of the compulsive drive to write and ended with a quote of Rabindra Nath Tagore in which he says “ You are one half woman and one half dream.” Artist Arpana Caur spoke of how honoured she was to be invited to NGMA by Gadanayak Sir and thanked him and said NGMA was the best institution in the country.

Ceramic artist and writer  Kristine Michael said that the world of ceramics needed recognition and it has taken nearly 40 years for it to happen. Shobha Broota said that the art world needed to recognise all artists and appreciate them.Critic Uma Prakash congratulated the NGMA for a beautiful exhibition and programme.

The audience also asked questions and there was a good interaction between the panelists and audience including a witty answer from Uma Nair about #MeToo in which she said: Of course men must admire women, can you imagine a world in which a woman doesn’t blush?

Nivedita Mishra Did a wonderful Curatorial job. The noted Bharatanatyam dancer Ms Kriti Venkat presented a wonderful recital which everyone enjoyed.The NGMA also has a  three-day programme of art events, on its premises commences 8th to 22nd March 2019. Aimed at embracing the creative potential of women art practitioners, the NGMA will  host a workshop for all including women artists, wherein these practitioners can  engage in a session of artistic interaction with fellow practitioners. This open forum by its very nature is all-embracing, celebrating women power and potential on an uninhibited platform.For everyone this became a day of sharing and deep respect and reverence for art and artists .Director General Adwaita Gadanayak thanked everyone and said: The NGMA is for artists and we would like everyone to come more often and be part of our events and exhibitions.