Neerja makers want the film to be tax free

Neerja makers want the film to be tax free

Ram Madhvani’s film and Sonam Kapoor-starred ‘Neerja’ seems to have struck a right chord among the movie buffs and positive reviews is pouring in on the social media platforms. The movie is based on the tragic death of 23-year-old Neerja Bhanot, who died fighting to save the lives of others. Suitably ‘Neerja’ is the most deserving film to get tax free status to all over India.

On asking the director if he is eyeing for a tax-free status for a tale of the valor of “Neerja”, said Ram Madhvani, “We would like very much to be tax-free so that stories like Neerja can reach to maximum people and more people can remember Neerja.”

The ace photographer turned producer Atul Kasbekar expressed, “Neerja will definitely get tax-free but please understand the procedure follow state wise. It’s not that one application will work for all states. And whether it will be tax-free or not the decision is taken only after a film release. Neerja released this Friday so we are expecting lot of announcement in coming week.

While the story itself is entirely grasping, many have applauded the way Sonam has done justice to her character in the film.

Talking about the tax-free issue, Sonam said, “I just want people to watch the film. And with that intention, I feel Neerja is going to be tax-free soon.”

Shabana Azami is playing the character of “Neerja” (Sonam Kapoor) while Yogendra Tikku is seen in her father’s role.

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