Never believed Ekta could achieve so much says dad Jeetendra

Never believed Ekta could achieve so much says dad Jeetendra

The Veteran actor Jeetendra turned 74 today. After working int he film industry for 40 year this legendary actor call it quit and spend quality time with his family which includes wife Shobha Kapoor and Children Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar kapoor. Impressed by his daughter success Jeetendra confess she never thought she is talented.

Jeetendra daughter Ekta Kapoor, considered one of the powerful woman in showbiz. She is also known as a queen of Indian TV. In a casual interaction Jeetendra said,

“As a father children’s happiness is his happiness. When she got into industry I thought if she will not get success then she will quit but she was like tigress and achieved a roaring success. I did not know where she had this talent.”

Reminiscing Ekta’s childhood memories the proud dad Jeetendra further added, “I used to think the girl who just used to think food and I used to worry what she will do in life. She used to eat up her brother’s tiffin and 24 hours she used to eat chocolates and hide rapper in her bag. Then she changed completely and made me proud of her so much. I have to think 10 times before I talk to her.”

Talking about son Tusshar Kapoor, Jeetendra said, “Even my son who got MBA degree from Michigan but choose to be an actor. I told them do what makes you happy.”

Being front of camera for 40 year this veteran actor does not want to come in front of camera again. He said he has seen enough of it.

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