Newcomers Nowadays Are Well Prepared Says Sunny Deol

Newcomers Nowadays Are Well Prepared Says Sunny Deol

Actor and filmmaker Sunny Deol says newcomers nowadays are well prepared and know what they want, on the sidelines of Blank Trailer launch here in Mumbai.

Sunny Deol, debutante Karan Kapadia and filmmaker Behzad Khambata hosted a press-junket to unveil the trailer of Blank.

Blank marks the debut of Karan Kapadia an talking about working with newcomer, Sunny said, “Definitely nowadays newcomers are so well prepared about what they want, what to do and why they want to do it, and I think Karan Kapadia was very definite about this project. He had already gone through it with the filmmaker. Which is very nice because then you own the character, the subject and it comes across very well and he has done a great job”

When asked about the difference between newcomers now and when Sunny himself was newcomers, the actor said only thing which is different is technology, emotion are still the same.

He said, “I don’t think there is anything different that what people had earlier that people don’t have now, so the only thing is obviously technology, and the awareness about things have changed. You’re growing in a much more aware format and after 20 years, what I am being asked here the same question will be asked again to someone else. Basically emotions are the same, we all have love, hate, anger and everything is just the same, so I don’t think anything is changing from that point of view, so the youth which is coming in will be reflecting all these emotions basically”

The film also features Ishita Dutt and produced by Rahul Gandhi. The film releases on May 3, 2019.

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