Nidhhi Agerwal – Next Movie with KriArj, Confirmed

Nidhhi Agerwal – Next Movie with KriArj, Confirmed

By News Helpline

Nidhhi Agerwal got a dream launch of sorts when she was cast opposite Tiger Shroff in ‘Munna Michael’ earlier this year confirms her second movie.

Nidhhi Agerwal’s recent meetings with the head honchos of the production house KriArj Entertainment recently had also sparked rumors of collaboration and now the actress confirms on signing the film but refused to divulge details.

“Just like I announced a little while ago, I’ve signed something with KriArj Entertainment. So I will be coming up with something with them very soon. So yeah, that is my next movie” said Nidhhi on the sidelines of Tech Fashion Tour Show.

Nidhhi Agerwal also spoke about her alleged linkup with Tiger Shroff, the actress brushed off the entire rumored linkup as part and parcel of work hazard.

“I think it is okay, it is part and parcel of life, if you’re talking about rumours, that is fine, it happens to students, it happens in college, I think it is very normal and it is Okay, no problem” said Nidhhi, when asked about her linkup with Munna Michael co-star Tiger Shroff.

Nidhhi Agerwal and Tiger Shroff were spotted recently having a dinner date, which sparked the rumors about their alleged link-up. The actress also tweeted about the same, expressing her displeasure.

She wrote, “It’s crazy how leaving a public place with someone becomes a link up story these days”

But apparently, no such thing is happening! Next Nidhhi Agerwal will be seen in KriArj Entertainment production.