Nivea and I are a match made in heaven, Parineeti Chopra

Nivea and I are a match made in heaven, Parineeti Chopra

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Parineeti Chopra, brand ambassador of the world leading lip care brand, ‘Nivea’, released a new ad campaign. During the making of the ad film, Chopra said it is a match made in heaven since Nivea and Parineeti both are in a bling phase of their lives.

Parineeti while talking about her long association with Nivea and their new product said, “I love it because right now I am in a bling phase which I think even Nivea is in too. Again its a match made in heaven, Nivea and me. These bling products really catch your attention. I think girls will really love it when you go to the store you will have to pick one up.”

The new campaign called #UnlockYourSparkle, urges young women to fearlessly flaunt what makes them unique.

Parineeti who signed Nivea in the first year of her career after ‘Ishaqzade’ says the brand is like family to her, “Nivea is like my family it was one of the first brands I ever signed. So my association with Nivea is as long as my career. Since day one I have done the most amazing ads with Nivea.

While talking about the idea of Unlock Your Sparkle campaign Parineeti said, “We are shooting for 6 different ad films that target different kinds of women. They target basic 6 kinds of women may it be goofy or nerdy, bold or poised kind. So I really think, this is one of the smartest and new age campaigns.”

The campaign will introduce the limited-edition sparkle packaging for NIVEA’s Original Care Lip Balm. The product is being introduced in 6 vibrant colors – red, green, purple, silver, gold and pink.

Click here to watch the making of ‘Nivea – Unlock your sparkle’  ad with Parineeti Chopra –

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