No Filter with Varun Dhawan!

No Filter with Varun Dhawan!

What was Varun Dhawan doing with three air hostesses? Why did his elder brother Rohit Dhawan slap him? Why did his mother call him a disgrace? And, why was his father David Dhawan ashamed of him? All of this was revealed when the Judwaa 2 actor got into a candid conversation with Neha Dhupia in the second season of her chat show, No Filter Neha. Varun appeared on the first episode of the show and talked about an incident from his teenage days which made his mother and father call him a disgrace to the Dhawans.

The younger Dhawan began by saying, “This was way back in the day, I was like 17 or something. This was when I just started going out at night. And my friend dropped me home at like 1 o’clock or something. So, I came home at one in the night and there was this group of girls, they were staying on the first floor, I had never met them before. They were almost 10 years older than me and they were having a party up there and they saw me and asked me to join them. So, they said, come up and all that so I went up to this party, it was a pretty decent party. In the end, there was only one guy left. There were these two girls and me. I was happy to be there at that time.”

Adding to it he says, “It had become 2:30, my phone had gone off and I hadn’t informed anyone that I’m home also as yet and then after one hour my brother came knocking on the door because the watchman had told my brother I had gone up over there and he was like is Varun there. And then he saw me coming out of the room, I had just come out of the room man because all of us were sitting in that room. And at that age, I definitely wasn’t going to get lucky with someone 10 years older than me. I didn’t have that game. So, I came out, and my brother shut the door and he slapped me like super hard! He’s like what the hell are you doing? Why didn’t you tell us where you were? At least call or send a message. So I was like bhaiya bhaiya please sorry. I thought he slapped me now, so don’t tell mom and dad you know, it’s done. You slapped me, I understood, I messed up, done. He started running up the stairs. Now I ran behind him, screaming bhaiya stop stop.”

But Rohit didn’t stop and as Varun reached home he was welcomed by his angry parents. “My parents were awake, my mom was awake, and my dad was pissed. Standing there I don’t know what I’ve done. Like I was at someone’s house, I was not even under the consumption of any alcohol, nothing. I was just sober like you know. What’s my fault? My mother was like, you’re a disgrace to this family, my dad was like you are this, you are that and we’re ashamed of you, you’re grounded for three months. And I’m like what have I done, how is it my fault that girls who are ten years older than me, call me to come to a party, which guy wouldn’t go? Which guy? I said if I didn’t go also you would have another problem but this!” said Varun.

Not only this, Varun didn’t hash words while talking about his alleged girlfriend Natasha Dalal. Also, he confessed that he tries to protect her from the media since she does not belong to the film industry. When the host of the show Neha asked him if he has found his soulmate, the Badrinath Ki Dulhania actor said, “Yes, I have and I haven’t hidden it that I have been in a relationship. I have just not spoken about it openly because the media sometimes make different versions of it. Also, she is not from the film industry, so I try to protect her from the media. I am protecting my personal life because it is my sanity. When I am done with shooting and I am home, that’s my reality, my reality check.”

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