No need to return to direction, new generation is making good films says Gulzar

No need to return to direction, new generation is making good films says Gulzar

Director, Lyricist and poet Gulzar says he doesn’t feel the need to return to direction. He believes the new generation has been creating better films cinematically than he ever did.

Gulzar interacted with media, alongside director Shilpa Ranade at the trailer launch of, GoopiGawaiyaBaghaBajaiya’ on Tuesday.

When asked if he would like to return to directing films again, he insisted, he should sit back. “No, I don’t think, I should return to direction. The new generation that will lead now has people like Shilpa, Meghna, Vishal, and many more. They are making good films and it’s their turn now to shine. Let me sit back, they are making films better than me cinematically.”

“I might have brought some thoughts earlier in the time but my films are not so cinematic and so good as these films are now, which are being made by this generation. I think they are much ahead of me.” he added.

The Indian film industry has seen great cinemas by Gulzar Saheb since 1983. He has been part of films like Massom, Khoobsurat, Anand, Parichay, Chachi 420,  Sathiya, DedhIshqiya and more as a director, writer, or lyricist.

He added that he will continue to do his part as a writer for children’s book and share our culture with childer.

“But I am going my work through the books and writing for children. I think animation is a very big medium you can make wonderful and meaningful and entertaining films, but they are not only the medium. Kids also need books. There are more mediums and all have to be looked after.”

‘GoopiGawaiyaBaghaBajaiya’ is directed by Shilpa Ranade and will be distributed by the Children’s Film Society, India.

Presented by Paperboat Animation Studios, the film will release on 1st March 2019.

By News Helpline