Nothing can stop Tiger now says Nidhhi Agerwal

Nothing can stop Tiger now says Nidhhi Agerwal

Actress Nidhhi Agerwal said her ‘Munna Micheal’ co-star Tiger, she said nothing can stop him now.

Nidhhi was present at the launch of her own app and interacted with media on Thursday in Mumbai.

When asked about her ‘Munna Micheal’ co-star Tiger and how much does she think he has changed his the film she said, “I have always seen growth in Tiger from his first film and he will continue to grow in his future films. He is someone who works on himself so much. He is very disciplined and focused that nothing can stop him and he will keep growing and he will just keep getting better and better here on out.”

Nidhhi is currently shooting for Savyasachi, when asked about the film and her future projects in Hindi she said,”Savyasachi is almost complete and I think in about two weeks I will start shooting for another film. I am very excited about his one. the character is though out the movie and there are many dialogues in a language that I don’t know so it’s going to be a challenge. I will also be started a film in Hindi in August and September, so I will let the producers announce the project.”

Where celebs get trolled for the choice of clothes and words, Nidhi was asked how does she plan on reacting to troll now that her reach is increasing she said they don’t bother her as much.

“Trolls don’t matter, once I read a comment when in the first sentence he/she said great things about me and then bad in the right next sentence. I think trolls have a psychological problem which roots real deep int heir lives which is sad.

Nidhhi is currently shooting for ‘Savyasachi’ and will soon announce a Hindi project.

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