One film In Every Indian Language – Juhi Chawla

One film In Every Indian Language – Juhi Chawla

Actress Juhi Chawla recently shot for the Gujarati remake of the hit Marathi film Ventilator alongside Jackie Shroff. She shares her experience shooting for the film and her passion for regional cinema.

Talking about getting onboard Ventilator, Juhi Chawla said, “So off lately Jackie Shroff & I, we regularly stay in touch via messages and one day he asked me if I’d be interested in doing a Gujarati film. I checked with my manager, she was already in talks with the producer of the film and I quickly said to her that I am doing this film because at one point it was my dream, when I was in the thick of films, to do at least one film in every language of India but I ended up doing in Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali & Punjabi & then for the rest I didn’t really get something I would like. She pursued it, confirmed it & that’s how I became a part of the film Ventilator”

Juhi Chawla also stated she has heard about the movie Ventilator but never had the opportunity to watch it. She said, “I had of course heard about Ventilator in Marathi as it had been one of the successful films recently & talked about. I had not seen it because I thought Ventilator meant somebody being serious in the ICU & now after my brother’s whole episode with the hospitals, I dread hospitals. So I had not seen the film”

Juhi also talked about working with Jackie Shroff, she said, “It was lovely to be on the sets again with Jackie Dada, it is a long scene. In the original film this role has been done by Boman Irani ji and I just did the Gujarati version. The whole day we were shooting. It was fun. I thought I would be speaking a lot more Gujarati but fortunately – unfortunately my dialogues are in Hindi and spattered with Gujarati in between. In a way it was easy for me also, I could perform”

Further adding, “My role was with the entire cast, it was lovely to meet all of them, they’re all well know either on Gujarati stage or in films. It was a great experience to work with them”

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