People need to see ‘Pending Love’ as it tells today’s truth says, Azmat Khawaja

People need to see ‘Pending Love’ as it tells today’s truth says, Azmat Khawaja

Azmat Khawaja who is excited for his recently  released  film , ‘Pending Love’ says he chose to work on the film because it breaks free from the regular stories and tells the truth.

Azmat interacted with media on Tuesday to talk about his upcoming film ‘Pending Love’.

Azmat who has previously worked on ‘Side A Side B’ by Rahat Kazmi, shared why he wanted to work on the anthology story. “When I first heard the script I knew this content was bold, experimental and very progressive for people. The markers were trying to do something new and amazing and I had to be a part of it. I thought it is important that these stories come forward and people see them because it actually happens in everyday life and the majority are unaware of it. I chose to be part of Pending Love because it is going to break free from the regular stories you watch every weekend.”

Reminiscing his  shooting days with the team, Khawaja said, “We had some trouble during shooting but the overall experience was great. Our director was very supportive and the entire technical team was amazing.”

The film also has stories about a Bi-Sexual relationship and a drug addict, when asked what Azmat thinks about the government dissolving Sec 377, he said, “I think it was a great choice on the government’s part. If some people feel the way they do and are born like that, then there is nothing wrong about it. At the same time, even if politicians are in favor of it in front of the media I don’t think they have actually accepted it. I think it’s high time that everyone accepts it.”

‘Pending Love’ written and directed by Shahid Kazmi has been shot extensively in Mumbai and Kashmir. It stars Rakhi Sawant, Shoib Nikash Shah, Pari Choudhary, Tariq Imtiyaaz, Shahid Kazmi,  Azmat Khawaja, and Faizaan Khan.

The film produced by Surjeet Choudhary Film Productions and presented by Prem Kumar Films, is an anthology of three practical love stories. These stories that have been deemed to be taboo by society are nothing but the truth and depicts the true nature of love.

‘Pending Love’ released on 2nd November 2018.

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