Priyanka Chopra to produce and act in “Wild Wild Country” movie

Priyanka Chopra to produce and act in “Wild Wild Country” movie

Actress Priyanka Chopra while appearing on  The Ellen DeGeneres Show revealed she will essaying the role of spiritual leader and Oshos disciple Ma Anand Sheela in her next project.

The actress opened up about her project, which she is also producing, at the talk show, “I am developing a feature with Barry Levinson. He is an iconic American director. We are developing it (from the perspective of) Sheela who is this guru who originated from India,”

“She was his right-hand woman and she was devious. She created a whole cult in America. He was called Osho. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. It was amazing. I am developing that next for me to star in and produce,” Chopra added.

Ma Anand Sheela gained popularity after the Netflix documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’ became a success. It documented the growth of Osho’s community from India to setting up a cult in Oregon in the US. The movie also talked about the role Sheela played in the growth of the Osho’s community, and its downfall.

Priyanka appeared on the talk show to promote her Hollywood movie “Isn’t It Romantic”, which also stars Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson.

Ellen and Priyanka also talked about her wedding with Nick Jonas.

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