R. D Burman’s music is truly ever lasting : Shibani Kashyap

R. D Burman’s music is truly ever lasting : Shibani Kashyap

Singer Shibani Kashyap, said R. D Burman’s  music is truly ever lasting and one and only to have such a global impact.

The singer interacted with the media along with music composers and singers Sonu Nigam, Shantanu Moitra, Leslie Lewis, Shamir Tandon, Sandesh Shandilya, Vivek Vasvani at R.D. Burman’s 79th birth anniversary celebrations on Monday here.

Talking about the documentary and webseries on Rahul Dev Burman, composer Shibani said, “Brahmanand- ji has created the insightful documentary and is also working on the web series which will help us know and understand the legend and the mystery behind the name  Panchamda (Burman). We will find out what all trivia happened behind all these amazing songs, we are all dying to know about it.

I don’t think there has been a legend like that ever from this country that have reacted an global impact. His music is truly ever lasting.”

Singer Sonu Nigam also expressed that he feels unlucky that he did not have the opportunity to sing for legendary music composer Rahul Dev Burman. “I feel lucky that I met Panchamda, but I also feel unlucky because he wanted me to sing in ‘1942: A Love Story’. However, at that time, I went to Delhi and was there for three months.

“When I returned to Mumbai, someone told me that Panchamda (Rahul Dev Burman) was looking for me and he was keen that I should sing a song for him but nevertheless, I still feel connected to him and his legacy will stay forever through his music.”

Burman’s career as a music composer spanned over 33 years in which he composed more than 5,000 songs. Popularly known as Panchamda, he created a style of his own and defined Bollywood music with his romantic and peppy tracks that ruled the 1960s and ’70s.

R D Burman’s composition recently appeared in a I phone 8 ad, musician Pete Cannon acquired rights for the song via Blurred Recs courtesy of Saregama.

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