Ranveer Singh: People view you differently when you are a celebrity

Ranveer Singh: People view you differently when you are a celebrity

GQ India recently released a list of 50 ‘Most Influential Indians’ under 40 years of age. The list was a remembrance bestowed to some of India’s most influential personalities across different fields of work. While the list brought to the forefront the power centres of our country, it is inspiring to learn of these young Indians, who have set a momentous benchmark in their respective fields of work, by revolutionizing, reinventing and disrupting norms.

The list gives a shout-out to entertainment professionals, who have achieved path breaking success. Names like Baahubali fame Prabhas, Ranveer Singh, critically acclaimed actors like Rajkummar Rao, Radhika Apte, Bollywood PR specialist Prabhat Choudhary, Punjabi actor and Singer Diljit Dosanjh, Disney India (Studios) Vice President Amrita Pandey, Comedian and Actors Vir Das and Mallika Dua made their way to the list from the entertainment sector.

2017 marks to be a hat-trick year for entertainment mavericks like Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and Bollywood PR specialist Prabhat Choudhary of Spice on the prestigious list.

Speaking about power and influence, here’s what the mavericks said:

Baahubali fame Prabhas, who dedicated four years in Rajamouli’s magnum opus vision, shares, “For me, power is the inner strength to stay focused on your work and deliver to the best of your ability.”

Power to Ranveer Singh is getting the basic right. The actor shares, “The basics, that life is all rosy and that you are living this perfect, aspirational life. Not really. You have human problems. People view you differently when you are a celebrity.”

Acclaimed actress Radhika Apte says, “Power if misused is the most harmful. But we all can chose to use is to benefit us, the society and the planet. We all have the power to make choices, to hold and voice opinions and to make a change. And here I’m not talking about authority but influence where in you spread/share your passion for a certain thing and in turn make a difference.”

Bollywood PR specialist Prabhat Choudhary says, “For us relevance is power and relevance can only come from your ability to add value. We strive to be a small part of the larger narrative that our country is going through. Staying meaningful, staying relevant and staying a little ahead of the curve in this fast changing scenario is a challenge for everyone and every organization. But that is what makes you influential.”