Rashmi Desai to enter ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’

Rashmi Desai to enter ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’

Colors popular drama ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’ will go through a new twist and turn with the entry of Rashmi Desai as Tulsi on the show.

Plot of the Show-

Set amidst the color and custom of the ancient city of Banaras, ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ is the tale of impossible love of Viplab and Dhaani.

The carefree, spoilt grandson of Mahant Dashrath Pandey, Viplab is slated to go abroad for his Law studies and intends to never return to the religiosity, traditionalism and ritualism of Banaras and his family.

Life takes an abrupt turn when Viplab encounters Dhaani – a lady in white.

Present Track-

Kanak would go to Ashram and apologize to Dhaani in order to take Viplab back home but Viplab doesn’t return and continues to stay in the ashram.

Furthermore, Viplab tries to bring smile on the widow’s face by clicking selfies.

He makes Chaya Chachi smile by making the widows kick her family who had come down to the ashram to extract property from Chachi. He makes her cut her birthday cake and fulfill his promise of taking her to the temple.

How Rashmi Desai enters the show-

On the way to the temple, they see a widow faints and rush to her aid. The widow is none other than the new entrant Rashmi Desai who will be seen playing the role of Tulsi.

They will get her to the ashram and Tulsi will also be seen saving Dhaani from getting electrocuted as the live wire would fall on the water where she would be going to fill the water.

Tulsi’ character will have a grey shade and would also create some twists in Viplab and Dhaani’s life.

Who is Tulsi and what is her hidden motive behind entering the ashram?

What affect would it have on Viplab and Dhaani’s love story?

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