Review : I love NY

Review : I love NY

Abhijeet Bharguv

I love NY stands for New York or New Year, it completely depends on whatever you love more. There is a better chance for you to get entertained by reading those memes your friends keep sending you on your whatsapp groups than watching this movie. With no stern story and plot line, it’ll just keep dragging on for 136 minutes.

The film begins in Chicago, where Randhir Singh (Sunny Deol) is pep-talking himself to propose to his lady love Riya (Tannishtha Chatterjee). “You can do eeet!” he says to himself. But the fateful evening when he’s about to pop the question, happens to be December 31, when he ritually meets his friends at the health club.Following an inebriated evening with friends, a fantastic accident finds him in New York, where he meets Tikku Verma (Kangana Ranaut). A hopelessly-in-love-twenty year old, Tikku is scripting her own proposal to Ishaan (Navin Chowdhary). Even if it’s not obvious where this supposed comedyof-errors is headed, it’s not worth finding out.

While it’s good to notice that Sunny Deol’s face hasn’t aged a day beyond 35 (he’s actually 57), it’s upsetting to see that his performance hasn’t either. Kangana is her chirpy, squeaky self and since this film was shot before Queen, she lacks the stride of the confident actor she is now. Tannishtha Chatterjee possibly agreed to this cameo as she happened to be in NY and had nothing better to do.

The production even cheats by trying to push off Thailand as US in a couple of scenes. The Thai `exit’ sign at the airport and the Thai ads in the Metro call them out. While the film was mostly shot in New York and there’s a montage towards the end ticking off all the touristy staples, 90 per cent of the scenes are indoors. This makes it even less lucrative for those who hoped this film would let them stroll through the Big Apple.

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