Rishi Kapoor “I am no Master”

Rishi Kapoor “I am no Master”

“I am no master to hold a class. In all humility, I am just an actor and I am just here to talk about my journey of 4 decades. My anecdotes, my meetings, my acting and reacting with people, so that is what this is all about,” says veteran actor Rishi Kapoor on the sidelines of MAMI Festival Master Class.

When asked, does he consider someone as “Master” and would be interested in attending “Master Class” session.

“I respect actors who are very good with their craft, so taking few names would be very unfair, there are some actors, who have done brilliant work, there are some who do good work, so I respect all of them,” shares Rishi.

There were rumors that Rishi Kapoor will be taking on directing, but actor says, he is not in any hurry.

“My first love is my acting. I am busy with acting and I am enjoying my work. So let me establish myself second time as a good character actor and after that if I have any time left, I’d direct,” says Rishi.

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