Rituparan Senguta talks about “Ganpati” and “Films”

Rituparan Senguta talks about “Ganpati” and “Films”

“Ganpati is very close to my heart and this temple is beautiful” says Bengali and Hindi Actress Rituparna Sengupta yesterday at Andheri ka Raja here in Mumbai.

Andheri Cha Raja or Andheri Ka Raja- one of Mumbai’s best known Ganpatis and is named in the manner accepted as local tradition.

“I came here last year too. This year Andheri Ka Raja completes 50 years. It is amazing. They have constructed a temple like Amba Devi.” says Actress Rituparna.

Celebrities often visit Temples and other religious places to wish for their fans and themselves, actress Rituparna is no different but she wishes same things for her fans, what she wants herself.

“I am feeling very happy to be here. I’d always wished same for everyone, work better in life, do something good for other people. I’d always asked for this. I am working in Mumbai and I am doing good work and I need your support. To all my Fans, remain safe, happy and healthy.” says actress.

Rituparna is a Bengali actress but lately she has shifted her interest towards Hindi Cinema. She is currently finished one of her much awaited project and soon will be starting another.

“Tere Aane se is ready. I have worked with Purab kohli and Hiten Tejwani in it. Apart from that soon I will start working on Rising Sunshine. I am working with Revathi ji, it is bilingual movie, Hindi and English” says actress.

“My recent Bengali Film ‘Bala Seshe’ was a hit and it was even screened here in Mumbai. Even Amitabh Bachchan tweeted about it” says Rituparna.