Rohit Shetty to direct “Fast and Furious”?

Rohit Shetty to direct “Fast and Furious”?

The most popular action film of Hollywood which involves stylish cars and car race “Fast and Furious” series is quite popular in the country. Since the last part Indian Actors are also playing role in the series like Ali Fazal. Now the latest addition Deepika Padukone will play a prominent part in the upcoming Fast and Furious and she is sweating it out for the role with Vin Diesel. Bollywood director Rohit Shetty who is fond of cars would like to do fast and furious kind of film in Bollywood.

At the top gear awards Rohit Shetty showed his love for car and the movies which involve cars. Known for action stunts which involves car in his film he would love to make a film like fast and furious in near future.

“I would love to make fast and furious kind of film. I don’t know yet with whom I will make it but it will have action heroes for sure but I can’t reveal my future cast now”

Talking about cars he said, “I love cars. It is a proud moment as 10 year back when I used to travel abroad I usually used to think when these cars will come to India but today India have all kind of cars available.”

Showing his admiration for big cars Rohit said, “I love big cars as I am tall. My favorite car is Range Rover SUV which I own as it is apt for the roads of Mumbai.”

Currently Rohit Shetty is busy with his upcoming remake of Subhash Ghai 1989 hit film “Ram Lakhan” and “Golmaal 4” script.

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