Salim Javed is an Indian shakespear says Rajkumar Hirani

Salim Javed is an Indian shakespear says Rajkumar Hirani

On the occasion of 17th Jio MAMI film festival opening ceremony the legendary writers of Bollywood duo Salim-Javed were felicitated for there contribution to cinema with the award “excellence in cinema”

Salim Khan was absent in the event due to his health trouble. On behalf of Salim khan son Sohail khan took the award. Javed Akhtar was happy to receive the award and shared, “Me and Salim have completed 50 years today. In 1965 we met for the first time when I came out of collage to become a film director in Mumbai. In 1965 we started our journey and we have wonderful and marvelous 14-15 years of collaboration. In the later year Salim got a actor like Amitabh Bachchan who was new and we were like team then. Two kind of people should not work together one who are similar and others who are totally contrast but me and Salim had large things in common but at the same time we were different.”

Missing his old partner, Salim Khan, Javed Akhtar expressed, “I am sad that he could not make it for the event because this could not be possible without him.”

On the achievement and retirement of Salim Khan, Javed Akhtar added, “The kind of work Salim sahab did next 4-5 generations might not be able to do it. Now he is not doing much its his right to relax. If someone reachs even near to the work he has done then we will see.”

Presenting the award to the master Rajkumar Hirani expressed his incident, “Last year I went to UK there I took tour with few Indians with an Indian guide. When the guide said it is the city of Shakespear unfortunelty one Indian did not know about Shakspear and to expain to him the guide said Shakespear is just like Salim-Javed in India. And I completely agree with the guide’s words. I have learnt so much from your craft. Salim-Javed is one of the best writers duo in the world.”

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