Salim Khan “I am from Afghanistan, Not Pakistan”!

Salim Khan “I am from Afghanistan, Not Pakistan”!

Screen writer Salim Khan, father of actor Salman Khan, has a message for all the protestors calling for his departure to Pakistan!

“I hail from Afghanistan; those who protest outside my house shouldn’t tell me to go to Pakistan, they should say go to Afghanistan. I have good relations there; I will go there” said the screenwriter.

Salim Khan has been under fire due to his Son, Salman Khan, off-screen shenanigans and police case Things just went from bad to worse, when Salman Khan again stirred a hornet’s nest with tweets in favour of Yakub Memon.

This caused a protest and agitation outside Salim Khan and Salman Khan’s house. People were demanding apology and some even went to “demand” that they should sent back to Pakistan, to which Salim Khan replied.

Salim Khan was speaking at an education event, ‘Taleem ki taquat’, which was also attended by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. The event was organised for the Muslim community and sought to highlight the power of education.

“My great-grandfather Anwar Khan wanted his family to lead a proper life and hence he came from Afghanistan. My father Rashid Khan was the third generation to be settled in India” said Salim.

However, his father later went on record saying his son’s comments were “ridiculous and meaningless”, and added that the tweets had been posted in ignorance of the issue.

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