“Salman has been a great support for me” – Priya Malik

“Salman has been a great support for me” – Priya Malik

Wild card entrant Priya Malik who was chosen to be the second finalist of the show has been eliminated from the show this week and had to bid adieu to the house.

In a candid chat with us, Priya shares about her journey on the show and about Salman Khan.

Speaking about her journey on the show Priya shared,  “My journey in the house has been absolutely amazing. it has been an adventurous and an accumulating journey for me, mixture of good and bad. Bigg Boss was more emotionally and physically challenging for me as compared to Bigg Brother. I guess that being declared as the finalist of the show kind of backfired because a lot of viewers, my fans and even my family thought that I might be safe anyway so there was a lack of votes but it is what it is and I am sure that there will be something good out of it. Secondly, I haven’t done anything in India at all as compared to the other inmates so I guess it could have also played a part in my eviction.”

“Definitely, Salman (Salman Khan) had been a great support for me throughout my journey. He has been good with me and has always spoken in my favor. I think when you play a game then play it openly, and I guess that will definitely make you win hearts. I am looking forward to explore television in India. I am thinking of staying in India for a longer time and explore.” signs off Priya.

Good luck for your future endeavours Priya!

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