Salman Khan says “NO” to Hollywood

Salman Khan says “NO” to Hollywood

Being a superstar for two decades the Dabangg Khan of the Bollywood Salman Khan has no ambition to venture himself into Hollywood.

During the press conference of the release of the family drama flick “Prem Rratan DhanPpayo” Salman Khan spoke about his point of view on western film industry.

When asked about weather he would like to be part of Hollywood Salman Khan said, “It is better here and timing will not suit me. Here I work according to my timing. I love working in Hindustan. I love saying dialog in Hindi. I have been saying my dialogues in Hindi for years now and suddenly If I say in English it will sound weird. So I am happy here. They work really hard there but we don’t work that much hard here. If I ever decided to go then I have to build respect again and I have made myself here and got so much respect then why should I go there?”

“But if any film is related to our culture then I would do but I don’t have any ambition to get into Hollywood,” he added

Meanwhile Salman Khan is happy about the business of “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” and film is a hit within a weekend now waiting for the record to break.

He said, “It is better to break our own records then breaking someone else records. Records should be broken it is better for the industry.”

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