Sarika’s mystery revealed

Sarika’s mystery revealed

Earlier in the day we reported that the character of Sarika turns negative in the Star Plus popular show, ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.

Now get to know the real reason behind her murdering Rinki.

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Sarika murdered Rinki in a fit of rage as Rinki discovered about Sarika’s big secret and the truth she was hiding from the Bhalla family.

Well the truth is that Sarika was never pregnant with Romi’s child and she adopted a child from an orphanage to get entry in to Romi’s life and Bhalla house. It seems she was two timing Romi and deceiving him and Rinki after knowing the truth confront Sarika and threatens that she would inform the family about her true face and Sarika in order to stop her would kill Rinki and blames it on Mihika.

Sarika who comes to know the truth about Rinki’s affair would use it as a weapon for the cause of her death and protect herself.

Now this would lead to clashes between Bhallas and Iyers and difference in the relationships of both the families.

Now this track would lead to a new twist in the show as Ishita is still clueless about the murder.