Scale of Dasdev is huge says Sudhir Mishra

Scale of Dasdev is huge says Sudhir Mishra

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Noted filmmaker and writer Sudhir Mishra attended promotional press conference of his upcoming film ‘Dasdev’ on Saturday in Mumbai. Sudhir Mishra is always known for his mid-budget or low budget films but he thinks that his upcoming film ‘Dasdev’ is made on a huge scale.

When asked Mishra about comparison being made between ‘Dasdev’ and earlier versions of ‘Devdas’, to that, he said, “I feel audience shouldn’t compare ‘Dasdev’ with earlier versions of ‘Devdas’. It’s an engrossing and gripping story which also has elements of thriller. Each actor of the film has performed brilliantly and the scale of this film is huge. I think we give so much of importance to love in our life so in this film you will be able to see if true love is possible in today’s times and if it is then how ? so, I hope audience will like the film and if they do then they should recommend it their family and friends”

Talking about his upcoming film ‘Dasdev’, Mishra said, “’Dasdev’ a reverse journey of ‘Devdas’. In ‘Devdas’, Devdas becomes victim of his habits and greed and in the end he is of no use who dies in front of door of Paro, so in today’s time, what is meaning of that love that is what ‘Dasdev’ is all about. Earlier the films made on “Devdas,’ they have shown journey from ‘Dev to Das’ but in our film we have shown journey from ‘Das to Dev’. It about how he finds aim of his life and how he struggle with difficulties. In this film, Paro and Chandni (Chandramukhi) are not the characters who are dying in their house remembering his love. This film is connected with political happenings in our country where women handle politician’s money which you often see in political circles and men as well. Chandini (Chandramukhi) is in love with Devdas but she is in control of her life and controls everything around her. You will see story of Paro and Devdas from the view point of Chandni (Chandramukhi) but in the second half of the film she stands against Devdas so audience will be able to see all this in film.”

“‘Devdas’ deals with intoxication same way ‘Dasdev’ also deals with intoxication but here in my film, form of intoxication is different. I think power is the only addiction in the world which is legal but more lethal which takes lives of  many people so, if audience are coming in the theatres with the expectations of watching same and earlier versions Devdas then they shouldn’t expect that”

Talking about casting process of ‘Dasdev’, Mishra said, “In the writing process you think about some actors and that’s how casting of this film has done. When I asked Richa (Chadda) about the film, she said yes to the film and then I thought of Aditi (Rao Hydari) then she also said yes to the film. I have earlier also worked with Aditi in ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’. I think she is an unique and amazing actress who is beautiful, vulnerable and strong. When I saw Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Ugly’, I really liked the acting of Rahul (Bhat). For this film, I needed an actor who is not a well known face but a good actor. He also looks like heir of some big political family so that’s how I casted him and Saurabh (Shukla) has to be there in my film who is playing main antagonist in the film. Vineet (Kumar Singh) is also there is in this film who is earning rave reviews for his film ‘Mukkabaaz’

‘Dasdev’ stars Saurabh Shukla, Richa Chaddha, Aditi Rao Hydari and Rahul Bhat, of “Ugly” fame, will have references to author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic novel ‘Devdas’ and even playwright William Shakespeare.

It is directed by Sudhir Mishra and it is scheduled to release on 2nd march, 2018.

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