Shah Rukh Khan Thanks MCA Officials For Uplifting The Wankhede Ban From Him

Shah Rukh Khan Thanks MCA Officials For Uplifting The Wankhede Ban From  Him

Bollywood’s one and only ‘King’ Shah Rukh Khan is all excited following the upliftment of Wankhede stadium ban from him by the Mumbai Cricket Association.

The superstar in 2012 IPL was banned from the stadium for a period of five years following a heated argument with on-duty security guard out there.

It happened such that, SRK was  present at the stadium then to support his team Kolkata Knight Riders in a match against Mumbai Indians, SRK’s team won the match at the end, and Shah Rukh along with his team members took on the ground to celebrate their hard fought victory.

But then all of a sudden the actor ended up arguing and exchanging heated argument with a security guard ther. Following which an investigation regarding the same was held.

Shah Rukh was found guilty and in a meeting the MCA officials decided to ban the ‘Chennai Express’ star from entering Wankhede stadium till the year 2017.

But, in meeting among MCA official held on Sunday.  The members decided to uplift  the ban from the superstar.

Following which the excited SRK took on twitter to thank the MCA officials yesterday.

As Shah Rukh tweeted, “My gentle father in law made me realise how lil it matters who was rite or who was wrong. Wot matters is grace. Thnx MCA for ur graciousness.”

From film front, the actor who was last seen on big screens in Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’, will be seen on big screens later this year in Rohit Shetty’s much-in-talks and much-awaited film, ‘Dilwale’.

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