Shahrukh Khan “Get a load of this”!

Shahrukh Khan “Get a load of this”!

Shah Rukh Khan just posted most adorable and cutest picture of Aryan and Abram! Where elder brother is just showing young gun the true meaning of Upside down!

Shahrukh khan took to his twitter account and shared the picture of first ever, Aryan and Abram, together playing and wrote “Sumtimes u have 2 let Life turn u upside down, so u can learn how 2 live, right side up. Or Big Brother is always there”!

Aryan and Abram always made headlines for their sport interest or just latest pictures! Mostly released by SRK!

Aryan is trained in Taekwondo and looks like practicing some moves of kid brother. Now that is normal, if you ever had an elder brother!

While Brothers enjoy best time of their lives, Shah Rukh on the other hand is ready to roll out two big massive projects, this year Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale with Kajol and another one next year, FAN by Maneesh Sharma, with Waluscha De Sousa and Shriya Pilgaonkar.