“Shahrukh Khan is always late” and 7 other shocking confessions by SRK’s ex-employee!

“Shahrukh Khan is always late” and 7 other shocking confessions by SRK’s ex-employee!

The king of hearts, SRK lives a king size life – he has said this many times on air. But what exactly does his lavish life consists of and what kinds of a person he is off the screen, were some unanswered questions until Quora came into our lives.

Someone popped a question on Quora, what SRK is like off-screen and an ex-employee who apparently worked at his home, answered this question. And here are the juicy revelations that he made!

– A complete family man

“We weren’t allowed to cancel or shift his ‘family time’ on his schedule unless absolutely necessary & without asking him first. Whenever his children were in India, a part of the day was dedicated to them & we weren’t allowed to contact him directly regarding work during that time.”

– A Foodie Forever

“We Delh-ites are suckers for Sita Ram Diwan Chand ke Chhole Bhature. I had once brought 2 packed plates of it for myself when I came back to Mumbai from Delhi. He heard me childishly bragging about it in the corridor & told me to inform him when I was having lunch. He said he hasn’t had them in so long & was craving for a bite. I thought he was joking because he frequently made these Delhi-reference jokes with me as I was his only home-office employee from Delhi. But he wasn’t joking! He actually came to the cafeteria during my lunch break, sat across the table & had all my Chole Bhature! LOL. “

– Fan’s Favourite!

“Every morning when he leaves in his car, he knows a few fans will be waiting outside the gates. But he never pulls up the blinds to hide away from them. He makes sure to smile & wave back. It’s a stark contrast from other stars who hide away behind blackened car windows & maintain discretion to avoid fans outside their homes.”

– Does all the charity without publicity!
This small department handles all his charitable work & make sure there is no delay/problem while providing any goods/payments promised under SRK’s name. They also frequently comb through his Twitter mentions to check for anyone reaching out for help. Also, this team doesn’t have a PR/MR manager & thus their activities are hardly ever revealed to the media.”

– Hard work runs into his veins

He is not in India for the most part of the year, much less Mumbai, but he was always awake & around no matter what time I reported for work. IDK if he ever even sleeps or not. We changed our shifts to accompany him, but he was always there. Not to forget, he is always abreast in every major decision making of his businesses.”

– Never on time

“I know that’s public knowledge. No matter what time he starts the day, he’s always exactly 2 hours late for everything. But in his defense, it’s not usually because he was resting in his van or woke up late. He is constantly working, hopping from one commitment to another. A 24 hour long day isn’t enough for the amount of work he gets done in a day.”

– A gentleman

“He’s a superstar of the highest order & this is the 21st Century, but he would still always open the door for an average female employee like me & let me pass first.”

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