Shahrukh Khan Turns 50

Shahrukh Khan Turns 50

Shahrukh Khan turned 50 when the clock struck mid night on 2nd November and marking his birthday special, his biggest fan arrived with a special Fan Trailer.

Bollywood King Khan aka Shahrukh Khan, a 14-time Filmfare Award winner, turned 50 and his most heartfelt and ambitious project, FAN trailer takes us through the most illustrious career besides showing snippets of some of his famous TV interviews.

With a touching background score, it celebrates King Khan’s stardom in every way possible.

“Today as I turn 50, I turn 25 again- for all the years of love you have given me, I give you my most heartfelt creation. Gaurav the FAN. You and I are a Belief!” Tweeted SRK with trailer.

“Right now so humbled by the attention & love being given to my Birthday. Didn’t ever realise living will be so beautiful. Thanks all,” tweeted SRK with his picture.

The best part about the teaser is that it finally reveals the look of the protagonist-the fan Gaurav.

Much to surprise, it is difficult to believe that the character has been Shah Rukh Khan himself, as it is far from how SRK looks.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, Fan is slated to release on April 15, 2016.

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